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UNLEASH Maxium potential


Triple Adjustment

Compression and rebound independently adjustable. Rebound adjusted by orifices on the piston rod with check valve so there is no cross talk between the rebound adjustments and compression forces. Compression adjusted by blow off valve in the canister.

22mm or 55mm DA Shaft

Comes with 22mm Shaft as standard. Optional 50mm Double Adjustable shaft for  professional level Motorsport applications. DA was designed to further our goals of providing motorsport clients with a wide array of tools. Compression and rebound bleed can now be adjusted independently. Adjustments are available in several ranges from fine to wide for both compression and rebound. Each click gives an even and predictable adjustment from minimum to maximum.


Large adjustable range

10 clicks low speed compression, 19 clicks high speed compression, 24 clicks rebound. 
Damping is available over a large adjustment range with fine tuning increments. Set up is easy to find and spring rates can be changed without having to revalve the damper.

Additional Options

Many additional options are also available. From the FA3030 Piston upgrade, 50mm Shaft, Low Friction coating and many more.  There are enough options for the next track day or the next Le Mans. 


Unleash Precision on Every Turn: Performance Racing Dampers for the Street.


Professional racing, providing the formula for a winning car

designed and developed for winners. With over 60 years of experience in GT racing, open wheel, rally,off road, drag, armoured and industrial damper applications.

11 series

Double Adjustable: Rebound adjustment independent from compression. Fine yet noticeable change with each adjustment

12 series

Triple Adjustable: Independent High-speed and Low-speed Compression adjustments for further fine adjustments. 
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