Nitron Racing Suspension

Engineered and Built In the UK
Trial and Tested around the world

Unique Damper Technology at your reach

Modular system allows maximum development flexiblity 
  • Coilover or Strut Kits
  • Springs and Helper Springs
  • Adjustable Drop-Links
  • Wishbone Bearing Kits

The NTR Systems

The Nitron NTR Damper system sets the standard for ultimate performance with a design that offers drivers and engineers unparalleled damping control.

Active Damping Technology

Conversion / OEM Integration

Take Control

The DCU will be fitted with an adjustable control knob, which allows the user to access
a number of pre-installed damping maps for their specific vehicle. (Rain, Tour, Sport, and Race. )
Damping levels adjusts every 6 milli-seconds depending on
the information it receives from the DCU, its attitude, and
the forces acting on it (braking, cornering, accelerating). Constant adjustments ensures dampers to provide you with optimized levels of grip, and comfort.

Stand ALone Conversion 

Take your suspension to the next level, Users have the option to install the Nitron elec-TRON suspension kit as a standalone electronic damping system. If your vehicle does not come equipped with an OEM electronic damping system like BMW’s EDC or Porsche’s PASM, you can now benefit from the advanced damping control offered by the Nitron’s elec-TRON system. The Nitron DCU (Damper Control Unit) unit is included as part of this system and features a selectable damping control via an adjustment knob.

OEM Intergration

For vehicles already equipped with OEM electronic damping systems such as BMW’s EDC or Porsche’s PASM, the Nitron elec-TRON suspension kit is designed to work in conjunction with these. This integration allows users to retain full functionality of the OEM controls, while also benefiting from the added capabilities and precision offered by the Nitron elec-TRON system.

Ready for install?

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